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Full Guide How to Auto Reply WhatsApp Text Messages on Android

  • Hello Friends we come back with new tutorial for you How to Auto Reply WhatsApp Text Messages on Android without Root , Now every day we all use WhatsApp. If you are a WhatsApp user and running any business or you are getting too many messages on your WhatsApp number. Then today I will be guide you about a awesome application which will help the users to Auto-Reply WhatsApp Text Messages on Android phone without root. Also Checkout some best features of WhatsApp at How to Recall Send Messages in WahtsApp

    Guys If you are running any kind of business, then the first thing which always come in my mind and your also that is lead generation and how you can collect the email address of any user, than you do instead of copy-past or replying the same messages to everyone, you can use a shortcut which will always help you to auto-reply any text messages in the background.

    Setup an Auto-Reply for Text Messages on Android

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    0.1 Setup an Auto-Reply for Text Messages on Android

    0.2 Can`t Talk APK for WhatsApp Auto Reply


    1 Auto-Reply WhatsApp Text Message

    1.1 WhatsApp Auto Reply Message

    1.1.1 Pros

    1.1.2 Cons


    1.2 How to Auto-Reply WhatsApp Text Message on Android No Root


    2 Conclusion


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    WhatsApp is the application which always come first when you want to message your friends or GF/BF, and this is the reason it is the best instant messaging application in the world and the app is used by everyone out there.

    [auto reply for whatsapp premium]

    auto reply for whatsapp premium

    Can`t Talk APK for WhatsApp Auto Reply

    The best thing of the app is the name of the application is can`t talk, and the word itself says and understand that you cannot talk right now you can choose some other time to message any user. This application has a lots of amazing features such as you can customize the text and add your text.

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    If you might have seen the title of this page, then it is auto-reply WhatsApp text messages but no you can auto reply any text messages. You can choose the application and then you can auto-reply any of the messages. Now, you also now how to auto-reply any one on the messages.

    Auto-Reply WhatsApp Text Message

    If you are having a business or Office account then you can enjoy this application because you might not ne in any group. You need to make sure that you are also connected to the Wi-Fi or internet because it will be running in the background ans it not use so many battery.

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    Friends there are some con`s in this application. It is whenever you will receive any messages this application will automatically send the auto-reply text , messages. If you will see this is features is the drawbacks because it also send the message to the group members.

    If you are having an Android phone user then this is the best application and yoou can enjoy these features without rooting your android device and you can choose some other application such as WeChat, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp Apps

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    This application is on Google Play Store and it is still in the beta version stage. There will be a lots of Best features which will be coming as soon as possible and you can enjoy it on your phone. There are features such as you can set timing of any auto-reply messages.

    WhatsApp Auto Reply Message


    No Root required.

    It`s Auto Reply any Text message.

    Reply frequency.

    You can change Auto-reply text messages.



    Application replies to Group messages. We cannot select specific chats.

    App is Paid, You need to pay after 14 days.

    Sometime app doesn`t work it properly.


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    How to Auto-Reply WhatsApp Text Message on Android No Root

    Download Can`t talk App from Play Store ⇒Download

    Then after open the application and there will be a startup screen and tutorial of how to use this App.

    In the top-right corner, you will see an option to enable auto-reply text messages.


    [whatsapp auto reply iphone]

    whatsapp auto reply iphone

    There you will see an option to enable auto-reply to apps. Just enable that option.

    Now, You need to enable notification listener. Click on Enable Option.


    [whatsapp auto reply bot]

    whatsapp auto reply bot

    After Then Search for Can`t talk from the list and enable the application.


    [auto reply whatsapp apk]

    auto reply whatsapp apk

    Give the application full access permission to notification and click on Allow.


    [auto reply for whatsapp premium]

    auto reply for whatsapp premium

    After then the application by clicking on apps.


    [whatsapp auto reply without root]

    whatsapp auto reply without root

    Select WhatsApp from the list of application Menu and click on save.

    Yeee You Done it! Whenever someone will send you messages this application will send an auto-reply text messages to anyone.


    [how to set up auto respond text when you`re driving]

    how to set up auto respond text when you`re driving


    This is the best and simplest way you can Auto-reply any text messages with help of small application and you don`t need a rooted android device. This was the article about the best way you can Auto-Reply WhatsApp Text Messages.

    On internet there are many apps you also try but not satisfy so friends in this app a lots of features in the application which you enjoy it with the help of this app. Share this post with your friends and let them know about this awesome and amazing application and you must try it.Also Try it How to use WhatsApp on any Windows PC or laptop

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